One way to save money is to use a home ice cream maker

Summertime is here, and it is hot. One of the summer's favorite treats is ice cream. Many people visit their local ice cream shop for a family outing. They may have one, two or three scoops of their favorite ice cream flavor. This can get expensive. One way to save money is to use a home ice cream maker. This is an excellent way to have fun at home and save some money.

There are many different ice cream makers out there to choose. If you have a larger family, then a larger ice cream maker may be for you.When freezing ice cream, you will need a lot of ice and salt. In some makers, you will use simple table salt, while others use Epsom or rock salt. The combination of ice and salt is called a freezing agent. Sometimes you will have to add ice throughout the freezing process.

Ice cream makers have a recipe book with them. If not, you can look on the internet to find plenty of different recipes. From vanilla to pistachio there are all kinds of recipes out there to fit anyone's taste buds. You will need milk, sugar, and vanilla to get started. This is the basic mixture. When starting with a basic vanilla recipe, you can add things like fruit or nuts to change what flavor you end up with.

Children love helping in the kitchen. This is one way they can contribute to cooking their ice cream. They can help with mixing up the recipe, putting it in the maker and watching it go. This can also be an educational experience as you learn together how ice cream freezes. These are also great to have when you are having a party or family cookout.

One complaint is that some of the electric ice cream makers can be relatively loud. They do make a lot of noise while turning the ice cream churns in the ice. Be prepared to either do this outside or have an area that it will not be a hindrance to other things going on.

Lots of families love to make their ice cream. It is a cheaper way to get that family treats any day you would like to. You do not have to go far to get your favorite ice cream flavor. Just step into your kitchen and let the fun begin. You can find these at local superstores or on the internet.


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