A steam iron is an advanced technology of ironing used now a day

A steam iron is an advanced technology of ironing used now a day. Almost every one of us loves to wear ironed clothes for better appearance of an individual. The process of removing wrinkles from fabric is called as ironing. The instrument used for this purpose is called an iron. Iron is a small electrical appliance which evens a child can lift it with ease.

The steam iron process is just like a normal ironing process except that it has a provision for spraying steam over the fabric that is to be ironed. This method uses water in its superheated form for removing the wrinkles in clothes and fabrics.

The steam iron process consists of a tank which is used to hold water. Only distilled water is filled in the tank. The tank is provided with heating elements. Water is converted into superheated steam with the help of these heating elements. Some holes are provided at the bottom of the plate of the steam iron which paves the way for the steam to come out of the tank. The fibers in clothes are loosened by making the steam to pass through the fabric. When the user presses the cloth, the wrinkles are smoothened, so the cloth is ironed.

Some of the advanced steam iron systems use the handheld wand feature, with the help of which the uniformly clouds steam in vertically hanging curtains or garments. In this method, the steam itself is used to remove the wrinkles without depending on the pressing force of the user.

In recently developed steam irons, the level of steam applied on clothes can be controlled. This depends greatly on the type of fabric used. The use of steam is not compulsory; it is only optional. Without the use of steam also, ironing can be accomplished. Clothes can be pressed easier with the help of a steam iron.
A dialing mechanism is used in the advanced steam irons which can be used to adjust the steam intensity that is produced. There are some companies in the market selling steam iron; it is the user who has to decide the choice of the models which they need to buy.

Fabrics in clothes will not be damaged by this steam iron unless it is overheated. The appliance will be automatically switched off if it is overheated. Therefore, there is no chance of spoilage of clothes. Most of the steam iron appliances are lined at the bottom with Teflon, even though it is costlier. This makes the difference from the regular iron box. Advanced steam irons are light in weight and compact.

If you are a very good user of cotton clothes or cotton blended ones, then steam iron is the best method to use as it irons while spraying water on the clothes. Curtains and quilts require a generous supply of steam. In this way, the steam iron is very useful.


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